The QA process plays a vital role in the web app development process as it makes sure your app is bug-free and works perfectly. We are committed to catering to the specific needs of your target audience in your operational niche. Our UI and UX experts create expressive web interfaces, powerful product properties, and resourceful integration channels addressing your web idea.

We create robust solutions for a large number of different industries such as e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, travel, education, etc. We build fully-fledged web apps for technology startups and private businesses of any scale. We custom web application development can take up your partial app idea and execute the complete app development process as per your expectations. Get beyond the wheel With smarter applications and data, you’ll create customer experiences that fuel your growth plans.

Testing and Quality Assurance for Custom Web Application Development

CRM software developmentallows businesses to structure and manage all customers’ data, improve their experience, and achieve marketing and sales goals. The primary purpose of a custom web application is to solve operational challenges or enhance existing business processes. The web app is first created by the developer using a proper development framework and then tested and deployed. As resources are constrained, IT is overwhelmed with requests and projects. Some business teams opt for off-the-shelf solutions for their readiness and less cost. These solutions can get part of the job done but may lack good integration capabilities with other systems or the customization capability that the business may need for its unique operations.

custom web application development

It is important to discuss the budget and the timeframe with any custom web app development provider before the project begins. Starting a project with a well-defined and clear budget will help you to avoid potential issues and arguments. Additionally, this will help you to focus on strategic activities without worrying about unforeseen budgets. Customs software prioritizes security and protects the data of the application from hackers effectively.

How much is the cost of web development services?

Custom web application development is the engine for allowing business success in the digital age. Businesses can improve their operations, optimize methods, and drive revenue with customized solutions, increased flexibility, improved security, and a competitive edge. Companies that accept the power of custom web applications place themself as industry leaders, adapt to changing market dynamics, and reach their maximum growth ability. Well, although all web apps can be personalized to give users a unique experience, “custom” web apps are tailored to a specific demographic, audience, or business need.

custom web application development

Web app development services and website development are closely related but have distinct differences in terms of purpose, functionality, and complexity. When we design and develop applications with our clients, we focus on reusability of code. The app can be run not only in the desktop browser, but the same code can also be used as a desktop or mobile applications.

Ideation stage

A marketplace is a convenient online platform for distributing products to a certain customer base. Fively specialists provide marketplace developmentservices, implementing all your ideas into bespoke web and/or mobile applications, tailored to your business needs. In most cases, a custom web application can be considered as a complex project when the software is going to be developed for both internal and external use. Bigscal is a prominent web application development company in India that offers tailor-made solutions to their clients as per their requirements. We specialize in delivering exceptional services to all sizes of businesses.

custom web application development

In the early 90s, the web and applications were two separate entities. The web was filled with static HTML text pages while applications were native software installed on operating systems. As new technologies were introduced, the web became more sophisticated, faster, and more productive, with better user experience, and eventually, dynamic web-based applications became the new normal. Due to this, it is hard to make precise calculations when it comes to time spent on a custom web app development.

Simplifies Business approach

Web applications catering to various genres are becoming popular day by day. However, web application development needs certain level of proficiency and expertise to make the apps successful for the clients. During this phase, we’ll create wireframes to show you how the app will look and feel and implement the best design strategy to provide a great user experience on both mobile and desktop devices. Our Business Analysts thoroughly examine your business requirements and processes, take into account your preferences and needs to implement your web development project step-by-step on time and budget. From websites and customer portals to underwriting and claims management systems, Velvetech helps insurance carriers, agencies, and affiliate partners digitize processes and engage customers.

Our chatbot achieved 93% accuracy in query responses at the MVP phase. This solution immediately provided our Partner with numerous benefits, including eliminating repetitive tasks, shortening reaction time, and creating a new channel to offer new products to customers. This led to increased sales of new products and a customer service department focused on more complex queries.

Custom Web Application Development Solutions

Web apps can be designed for a wide range of business use cases and can be utilized by anyone – right from an individual to an organization. Here are a few success stories from our growing portfolio of 3,400+ projects. In most cases, our services helped the clients to not only sustain their success but continuously evolve their business practices. Codelgniter According to our expert CodeIgniter developers, this open source framework is lightweight and straightforward to install, unlike other frameworks. This framework is simple to set up and highly recommendable for developing dynamic websites. We have a team of experts that helps on enhancing the growth of organization with providing them great CMS solution.

For more than half a decade, as aweb development company, Techuz has been developing custom web apps for startups and enterprises helping them to improve productivity and solve their users’ problems. So we decided to shed some light on custom web application development. In the Internet era, making your business shine and stand apart from others is key. If you have a solid online presence, your clients can not only identify your brand, but also explore the services on offer, build trust, engage with your offerings, and build loyalty.