Kang Joo claims that isn’t the reason, he just does not want so you can wed some one he doesn’t love

Yi Hyun takes Doo Rim in order to Jin Joo’s put and you can Yi Hyun requires Jin Joo to undertake Doo Rim. Jin Joo drags Doo Rim in to the but Doo Rim is still hollering throughout the Kang Joo are an adverse man and you will Yi Hyun hears this.

Chairman Ma blames Doo Rim due to the fact she did result in much from troubles but Yi Hyun claims Yi Kyung can simply step in to remedy it by herself. Yi Kyung guides off and you will declares she together with desires avoid brand new wedding. She thinks Kang Joo is good it was an error. She doesn’t want to do it any longer! Chairman Ma threatens to take Doo Rim back due to the fact kissbrides.com urgent link their replacement when the she won’t carry on with the new involvement. Yi Kyung says to this lady commit to come, she will wed if the Doo Rim is able to salvage the latest involvement. In addition to this when the Doo Rim really wants to wed Kang Joo by herself, she can go correct ahead! Yi Hyun yells in the Yi Kyung having claiming anything so preposterous.

Yi Kyung states Doo Rim because the the girl replacement had been preposterous and you will Kang Joo never ever realized the real difference. Instead of suffer she would as an alternative throw in the towel the position. She storms away from making Chairman Ma sure if Yi Kyung would not play ball so they you would like Doo Rim once again. She reminds Yi Hyun that when the new wedding finishes following its providers happens bankrupt. They need Doo Rim a lot more than in the past! Yi Hyun sighs and later within his room the guy takes out the new gemstone and looks in the it.

Jin Joo observes Doo Rim try sobbing however, she states she had mud in her own sight

Kang Joo’s dad goes toward talk with Kang Joo and you will reveals he knows why Kang Joo did it and it should have become an arduous choice. He asks if the Kang Joo believes about curse? His mother really does but he will not discover as to the reasons Kang Joo do too. He slices his father faraway from stating anymore because there is little their dad can tell that may transform their notice.

Kang Joo’s father says to the butler to help you summon one entitled Hong Guy Soo because it’s day he decided to go to discover him. Having Kang Joo’s purpose he should find out what the new the fact is.

Yi Hyun happens the home of give his mother just what Kang Joo told you

Jin Joo finds out Doo Rim sprawled additional and you will asks in the event that the woman is distressed due to Kang Joo. Doo Rim curses your away however, Jin Joo reminds Doo Rim you to definitely this woman is only a substitute so there isn’t any need to feel upset. Either there’s absolutely no reason for taste otherwise loathing individuals thus maybe Kang Joo seems in that way as well. Jin Joo miracle if Doo Rim provides most dropped to have Choi Kang Joo? Doo Rim and you will Jin Joo are experiencing breakfast whenever Doo Rim gets a visit out of Kang Joo’s dad. She actually is entitled out over satisfy him now and you can on time freaks aside that she looks terrible immediately after a sleepless night.

Both mom is actually appointment to discuss Kang Joo’s engagement bomb. President Ma requires the hard line one no matter if the girl Yi Kyung has difficulties but Kang Joo still can not do that so you’re able to her. Kang Joo’s mom assures the girl this relationships will go on because it is decided by new parents but requests knowledge of Kang Joo’s questions. Chairman Ma highlights that in case the new involvement are busted every of Korea knows and you may Yi Kyung can’t get married in the the future. Kang Joo’s mother is certain Kang Joo goes and it and believes so you can herself you to she’s started yet she are unable to let the package get wrong today, while you are Chairman Ma thinks so you can herself one to Kang Joo’s mom cannot see they are shifting for the two parallel paths and it’s really not obvious who will victory ultimately.